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Manuela Monari                                 author

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General Information

Born in Modena on 28-06-1964

Married, with 2 children: 15 and 5 years sons



Diploma of Istituto Magistrale obtained in 1982



·          Owner of “La Bottega di Merlino”, specialized children book store with creative laboratories

·          Author of childhood narrative.

·          Teacher at primary school


Other professional and personal experiences


Participation at many meetings, seminars and courses about social, psychological and educational growth of childhood, all organized by Modena Town Council as permanent training plan for employed teachers, managed in cooperation with Italian Universities (40 hours / year)

Continuous participation at the Disciplinary Course of Italian Language with didactic approach, managed in cooperation with the University “La Sapienza” in Rome.




·          National Young  Literature Concourse “Zaccaria Negroni”: Mention of Honour at  edition 1997, 1998 and 1999 too.

·          XVI National Concourse of Tales e Poetry “ALPI APUANE” 1998, section “Non Edited Tales”:  Winner

·          XVI National Concourse of Tales e Poetry “ALPI APUANE” 1998, section “Poetry”:  Finalist

·          National Concourse 1999  issued by the Editor “Il Grappolo”: First classified .

·          4th International Illustrate Tale Concourse “Sulle Ali delle Farfalle” ,  edition 2000 at Bordano (UD):  Mention of Honour at with the tale “Mom, I want to born!”

·          National Tale Concourse “Città di Mede”,  edition 2001: Mention of Honour

·          3rd edition  Easter poetry contest “Andrea da Pontedera”: Finalist  

·          National Literary Prix “Cesare Pavese – Mario Gori” 1999: 11° Classified

·          National Prix Pontedera “F. Bargagna” 1999: 17° Classified

·          First Edition of International Prix for Poetry and Image 1999 – Accademia Internazionale URANIA (Cislago – VA -): 1° Classified






·          XXVI National Concourse of Tale e Poetry “ALPI APUANE” 2008, section “Non Edited Tales:   Winner

·          International Prix for Tale and Poetry ”MAGEMA 2008”: 2° classified, Section “Poetry”

·          11th International Illustrated Tale Concourse “Sulle Ali delle Farfalle”,  edition 2008 at  Bordano (UD): 2° classified, with the project book “Irene, il gatto e la danza”

·          11th International Illustrated Tale Concourse “Sulle Ali delle Farfalle”, edition 2008 at  Bordano (UD): 3° classified, with the project book “La papera nera”





·          Lo Zen e l’arte di fare una torta” (The Zen and the art of making a cake)

first edition: march 2000 -  Il Punto d’Incontro  Editor - Collana “Semi di Luce”.

·          “Il Mostruoso Mostro Mostrobaldo” (Monsterbald, the monstrous Monster)  first edition: march 2000 -  Il Grappolo Editor

·          “HO IL TEMPO IN TASCA” ( I got Time in my  pocket ) first edition:  march 2001 – Il Punto di Incontro  Editor - Collana “Semi di Luce

·          “Zero baci per me!” (Zero kisses for me!) first edition:  march 2001 – edited by Il Castoro Edizioni

·          Bave di ragno a colazione” (Spider’s slime for breakfast) FIRST EDITION October 2004 by Alfa Edizioni - with interactive CD sold together with the book.

·          “THE SLEEPY WHALE” - “THE FEARFUL FOX” - “GUESSING CLOUDS” -  “REDDY,  BRILLY AND THE  YELLOW-BLUE MAP: ALL THESEe books have been published by Ta Chien Publishing (Taiwan) in 2003

·          “ON DADDY SHOULDERS” FIRST EDITION: 2003 by Imaginarium ( Spain )

·          “LAVARSI CHE IMPRESA!” (Wash me, what a feat ! ), 2005  by ZOOLIBRI

·          LA LUNA SUL VETRO (The moon on the glass ), 2005, by GIUNTI

·          “IL PINGUINO ARCOBALENO” (The rainbow pinguin ),  2005, by PAOLINE

·          “UFFA, VOGLIO UN FRATELLINO!”(Phew, I want a little brother!) 2006, by GIUNTI

·          “VIVA I LUPI!” ( Hurrah for wolves!), 2007, by GIUNTI


works (tales)


Many still unpublished tales available




·         “Pensieri nel silenzio” (Thoughts in the silence)

·         “Evocazioni” ( Evocations)

·         “Ghiaccio e fiamma” (Ice and flame)

·         “Il Mare della quiete” (The sea of the quietness)

·         “Passaggi” (Passages)



Different articles of pedagogic-didactic subject for the review   “Vita dell’Infanzia” (Childhood Life).


·          “PENSIERI IN POESIA”- (Thoughts in Poetry)

·          “LEGGERE E SCRIVERE LA SPESA” (Read and write shopping)

·          “IL RUMORE DI QUEL CHE NON C’E’”  (The Sound of what is not)

·          “IL DIRITTO ALLA LENTEZZA” (The Right at the slowness)

·          “PIANETA LIBRI” (Planet Book)

·          “UNA GIORNATA FUORI DALL’ORDINARIO” One day out of ordinary)

·          “PERSONAGGI COSMICI” (Cosmic characters)

·          “L’ANNO DELLO STRUZZO” (The year of the ostrich)

·          “VOLANDO, VOLANDO, TRA SCIENZA E ARTE”  (Flying, Flying, between Science )

·          “VOLANDO, VOLANDO, TRA SCIENZA E ARTE”  (Part two)

·          “ LA LUNA SUL VETRO” (The moon on the glass)


Other articles, periodically, for the magazine “Scuola Materna “ Ed. la Scuola Brescia


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